How it started

There was Digital but no Intelligence.

It began with a sense of frustration. The increase of digital across all markets does not create user satisfaction. 
Inside a business the critics about internal structures are numerous: old-fashioned, limited, staff unfriendly. 
Market users are just as critical. The digital solutions offered don't satisfy: complex, unintuitive, not engaging.

To be successful digitalisation has to be a homogeneous user-centric process throughout a business.  

Digital Intelligence to address the gaps.

What is the point of continuing a digital process that is not built for the users? So we took it upon ourselves to tackle these digital challenges. That's how Little Blue Cats was born. We provide digital intelligence for effective user-centric experiences at both structural and market levels.  

Too many issues.

We found these to be the most common obstacles to digital success.

Isolated Skillset & Projects
Local Structure Limitations
Low Internal Digitalisation
Lack of Strategic Commitments

We see the digital gaps.

We're passionate about digital user-centric experiences in all sectors including HR, Retail, Marketing, Services, Bank, Construction, and many others. 


Data tell the story of your digital presence.


We are user-centric because users are at the heart of your digital presence.


Unlock digital growth with powerful user-centric experiences.

Meet the founders

Celine Little Blue Cats

Meet Céline, our strategist

Digital Intelligence Strategist

"Celine is a digital guru." 

WAA Agency


More about Celine

Paul, Little Blue Cats

Meet Paul, our engineer

Digital Intelligence Engineer

"Paul built the basis of the vetting software we still use in the industry." 

Innovise Software

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