Not a Digital Agency.

Little Blue Cats is born from the passion for the understanding and effective implementation of digital methodologies to make the user's life easier. The desire to tackle effectively the digital challenges of a modern world has driven the user-centric approach that Little Blue Cats applies to all business projects. We extend our vision of the user to include business employees and enable you to tackle productivity, turnover, works structure and recruitment projects.

We create Digital Intelligence. Digital Intelligence builds user-centric digital technologies and methodologies to effectively connect the dots between business plan, HR and market growth.


We are digitalists.

We know our core strengths and hone our skills. We stay focused on what we do best.
We are digitalists who provide digital intelligence. 
We are not a marketing agency. However our vision of users goes beyond the one of digital agencies and enables us to tackle contemporary business struggles. 
We look at the big digital picture across enterprises and apply our skills to ensure your business can keep up with the digital transformations of the world.  


Digital Intelligence facts. 

  • Digital experts display the highest employee turnover on the the market with over 20% of departure.
  • The largest working generation, the Millennials, are looking for dynamic and modern businesses.
  • By 2020 half of the top businesses of the early 2000's would have disappeared due to ineffective digital structures.
  • Most businesses invest in isolated digital activities and fail to build a holistic digital growth. 
  • The process of designing a meaningful content map is key to digital user-centric services. 

The inability of the business structure to effectively match the digital needs of users and markets is today's biggest digital challenge.



User-centric data tell the real story of your business


Skilled at putting users at the core of all projects


Unlock the potential of powerful user-centric strategies

We are a growth partner.

We understand how to use digital to maximize growth potential, employee retention and brand awareness. 
With us you'll find a growth partner who helps connect the dots between your business structure and your users to drive it to the next level. 
No user interaction is too small.

We would love to hear from you.