WeGo work.

Interactive Media

Cross Media Interface for Leisure 

Digital Interactive Communication & Engagement



Intimist Documentary 

Message Analysis, Media Consultancy & Production


New Perspectives

Authorized Aerial Filming 

High Tech Film Services


Film Campaigns

Filmed Ads that Ring a Bell 

Creative Approach, Film Consulting, Production


WeGo in 3 words.


They approach projects with a creative mind all the time.


With a journalist in their team they know how to spread any word.


They are on top of the latest tech and that's why they always deliver the best results.

Together WeGo & Little blue cats create.

Interactive cross-channel media communication and strategies.

Dynamic Engagement

Digital Audit, Cross Media Technology, Strategy Consulting


Market Fit Approach

Strategy Analysis, Media Consultancy & Production


Digital Brand Perception

High Tech Media, Structural Gaps Review, Digital Comms Consulting


Global Media Strategy

Global Comms, Creative Advertising, Media Consulting & Production


"WeGo are small and that's exactly why we trust them to remain dynamic, human and on top of the trend." 

Little blue cats

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