Business Consulting

Little Blue Cats vision.

We believe Digital expertise is key to business growth. As a result the need for digital specialists is increasing across all industry sectors. However the increase of isolated digital expertise is creating a disconnected business structure
Digital Intelligence connects the dots and reduces structural gaps and loss for your business.

We help you match your business structural frames with the moving needs of your market, clients and employees. 

Digital Intelligence Analysts.

We have a passion for understanding how things work. Therefore breaking down complex business structures and systems into manageable and understandable insights is a natural process for us. Analysis is especially useful at the start of a project to guide you effectively through the strategy plan. Put simply, we believe that you need to know where you are to know where you are going. That's why we provide Digital Intelligence audits for your campaigns, strategies and system.
We find the gaps in Digital Intelligence.  


Digital Intelligence Recruiting.

Specialists skills are indispensable in the digital world. But they are expensive and difficult to attract. They are difficult to keep too! We understand your pain and that's why we've created our Digital Intelligence for Recruitment. If you need an expert pair of eyes to review your recruiting strategy, your digital skills gaps, or even your job perks, we're here to help. We provide specialist and creative input to ensure the success of your project. And we work hand in hand with you until it's ready.  

Digital Intelligence Strategy.

50% of companies don't have a digital strategy.
Over 80% of businesses admit that their digital strategy is a breakdown of isolated projects.
70% of strategies fail before they start due to unforeseen gaps and inconsistencies within the business structure. 

We provide you with the detailed and applicable Digital Intelligence review of your strategy to make sure that nothing in your business will stand in the way of success. 


Remote solutions.

More and more new generation employees expect remote solutions. Remote work is an increasing global phenomenon that drives positive results across all business sectors. It is shown to reduce employee turnover by over 50%. More importantly there's no denying remote workers boost the productivity of a company. The question you need to ask yourself is not why you should offer remote options but how much are you losing by not doing it: Employee turnover, loss of quality, low productivity, high work-related stress, high real estate costs, lack of skills in-house, lack of engagement. If any of these sound familiar, get in touch for a review.