Digital Intelligence Analysis

Why analyze Digital Intelligence?

Digital Intelligence Analysis measures the digital gaps caused by disconnected expertise within a business structure. The most common consequences of these gaps appear in the shape of slow productivity, employee turnover, and unaccountable or inaccurate activities. 


Digital Intelligence and Productivity.

Productivity is a key indicator of performance yet it can be overlooked sometimes when you are caught in the middle of more pressing requirements.This does not mean that productivity is a less critical factor of business growth and health.     
But it is nevertheless a business input that is not often measured. 

Fluctuations in productivity are common and expected with seasonality and structural changes, yet a persistent low productivity can have strong repercussions on employee turnover, business development, and the overall quality of output. 


Growth dashboard
Loss of focus
Isolated skillset
Skills mismatch
Lack of direction
Rigid structure

Digital Intelligence and Employee Turnover.

Staff turnover is a natural phenomenon in the business world. Industry sectors and company locations experience different turnover rates. The cost of losing an employee is tightly combined with the cost of recruiting, training and setting a new employee.  
The reasons for departure could be varied, whether we are looking a better opportunities, change of career, or even the need for more flexible options.

However gaps in digital intelligence are also responsible for employee dissatisfaction, unconnected expertise and skills mismatch, thus increasing the cost of recruitment and turnover dramatically.

Digital Intelligence and Unaccountability.

It's never easy to keep track of everything that happens within a business. But it becomes an issue when costly digital activities that require budget and resources can't be effectively accounted for. At the core is the concept of digital output as an end product, such as an agency promoting SEO strategy as a deliverable product instead of focusing on the business growth. Whether it is the implementation of an interface or a social media campaign, the inability to justify an activity with quantitative and tangible business KPIs is a sign that the overarching goal is misunderstood. This commonly happens when isolated bubbles of digital expertise within a business fail to understand their common digital intelligence

More importantly this behaviour is leading to costs in budget and time that are replicated throughout a business structure. 


Tool knowledge
Isolated activity
Pride over Purpose
Irrelevant to growth

Digital Intelligence Analysis tells the story of your business. 


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