Digital Intelligence highlights core Employee Turnover issues.

Digital Intelligence can identify gaps in your business structure and functions that drive Employee turnover. The top 4 consequences of these gaps appear in the shape of Isolated Skill set, Skill Mismatch, lack of Strategic Purpose and the Rigidity of the internal structures.



The cost of Isolated Skill sets.

With the increase of digital importance the hiring rate for digital experts is very high and it’s not uncommon for companies to hire more than one expert. Currently high on the digital markets :

  • SEO / PPC expert
  • HTML5 developer
  • UX designer
  • Channel Marketing



Beware of Skill Mismatch.

Responding to the demand for digital experts many companies turn to detailed job specs to attract the most valid candidates for their vacancies.

Thorough job ads list the desired skills and experience to describe the ideal candidates for to the business needs.

Strategic direction.

Your employees are always happy to show initiative to reach the company goals. This common behaviour is not fully explained by motivation or loyalty but by taking part into the business intelligence.

However less than 35% of companies have a clear strategy that they share with their employees. Opinions are divided whether this means they do not have a strategy, or whether this strategy is kept private. We personally believe this is a lack of business direction. Experience has often shown that strategies are more often non-existent than private.



A Rigid structure.

A clear and fair business structure is key in organizing and maintaining employee activities effectively. It’s essential for employees to understand the team they belong to and the internal processes they will be part of with their team.


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