Isolated Skill sets leads to Employee Turnovers.

There is no denying that digital skills and experiences are key to business growth. However the increase of disconnected skill sets and experts within a business structure is a major obstacle to growth. 

Often marketing experts will delegate their strategies to analysis, design and development experts, whose user and technology understanding is left ignored.

This common practice in marketing agencies and marketing teams is destructive for business growth, as it is chosen not to involve the expertise of skilled staffs in a project that requires their knowledge.

This leads to unsatisfied employees who prefer to look for better opportunities.

More importantly the inability to include experts into relevant projects and decisions leads every year to the departure of over 15% of digital experts.

15% of digital experts quit their jobs due to their skills being unconnected to the business needs.

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence can help identify isolated skill sets and find the cause within your structure. 

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