Rigid structure drives Employee Turnovers.

As markets evolve and remote customers are acquired online at any time of the day and night, the new generation of workers, Millenials, is questioning the internal structures of a business such as the 9am to 5pm routine as well as the on-site contracts. 

The need for flexible structures may not seem obvious. Yet surveys made with the Millennials, the newer generation of workers, as well as experiments of flexible work options, highlight the importance of a modern restructuration of business.

Flexible work options alone are able to drive employee turnover down by 50%.

Millenials complain about rigid structure to the point where this is the most common reason quoted by the new generation of experts for changing jobs.

Flexible work options can reduce Staff Turnover by 50%.

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence identifies the issues with rigid structure in your business and how it impacts your employees. 

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