Skill mismatch leads to Employee Turnovers.

There are unavoidable gaps between the needs of a business in the job specs and the actual requirements and challenges of its structure. For example, hiring an SEO expert with 10 years experience in a small company with limited budget and technology inevitably leads to a waste of skills. This is a common case for companies with projects more ambitious than their internal structure.

 Another common mismatch of skills happens when employees are purposely involved in projects and activities that were not part of their job specs. This is highly common in marketing agencies where activities need to evolve fast. However in the case of experts their interest level drops very fast when they feel misemployed.


Inevitably misemployed experts will be looking to leave the company.

Companies lose experts due to the inability to match ambitious skill requirements with actual business structure. 

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence can help identify the specific skill mismatch in your business before they drive employees to leave. 

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