Digital Intelligence helps you identify unaccountable activities.

Digital Intelligence can identify gaps in your business structure that leads to unaccountable activities. The top 4 consequences of these gaps appear in the shape of Tool Knowledge, Unconnected Projects, Pride Strategy and Irrelevant activities.



The cost of poor Tool Knowledge.

The increase of digital expertise and digital activities is only met by the increase of digital tools, whether they are related to SEO, PPC, engagement metrics, code debugging, social metrics, web metrics, data analysis or even conversion tracking.


Beware of Isolated Projects.

Dynamic companies generally run with the help of different teams multiple projects at the same time. This enables them to remain on top of their market and to address challenges from several angles.

Pride over Purposeful.

Companies often have a charismatic leader, or a few of them, who inspire not only the brand but also the business strategy.

Steve Jobs comes to mind when we think of charismatic leadership.


Watch out for Irrelevant goals.

As a business you will find yourself running after multiple targets at the same time : brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention, employee satisfaction, etc.

This means that you will always need to operate multiple projects and activities to address these targets.


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