The reality of irrelevant goals.

The activity plan of a business is naturally rich. Yet it essential that this plan remains meaningful as well as varied.

Building a bar in a small agency because you’ve heard a Londoner marketing agency had one might seem like a good idea at the time but there is no direct correlation between an expensive in-house pub service and your business growth, or even employee satisfaction.

This example is not as random as it might seem, as it appears that most marketing agencies in big town are looking so enthusiastically at the installation of their own bar that they even mention it as a point of interest in their job offers. ‘Come and work for us, we’ve got beer’ has never made a convincing argument to attract expert skills, nor to retain them. Additionally this is not a winning argument to present at a client pitch.

 So what is it about irrelevant activities with no qualitative nor quantifiable metrics that make businesses so proud ? And more important why do they waste time and money on those?

‘Come and work for us, we’ve got beer’ does not attract experts.

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence helps you understand the underlying goal behind business projects and activities. 

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