Digital Intelligence highlights core Productivity issues.

Digital Intelligence identifies productivity gaps caused by isolated areas of expertise and inaccurate digital reading within a business structure. The 4 following issues in productivity can be commonly identified and resolved with the application of Digital Intelligence: Overtime, Interruptions, Misreading of Growth, and Loss of focus. 


Overtime damages Productivity.

Whichever label companies choose to stick to it, whether they call it 'going the extra mile' or being 'motivated hard players', there is no denying that overtime is a common behaviour in office structures. When used in a one-off last minute rush to complete a project overwork can be a successful solution.


Interruptions damage Productivity.

The typical 'Can I borrow you for 2 seconds?' that kills hours of work is a common scenario in offices. In fact it's so common that employees account for wasting up to 5 hours of their working day to it. While the interruptions generally lead employees to help on another project they also cause delays and pressure with their own work.

Wrong Growth KPIs and Productivity.

Companies track growth and plan growth strategies to meet their KPIs. These KPIs naturally relate to revenues and clients wealth but while these are visible evidences of growth, other medium factors are tracked and targeted on the way.



Loss of Focus harms Productivity.

Focus, concentration and interest are among the top qualities that are expected across all office staff, irrelevant from the sector of activities or their level of expertise. Yet staying focused in the workplace is not an easy task. 

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