Overtime damages Productivity.

The culture of long working hours is heavily integrated and praised in the modern business life. More than 2/3 of the working UK population account for regular overtime. However there are solid evidences of productivity decrease when overwork is encouraged over an extended period of time.

The first negative impacts on productivity can appear after only a week of working over 50 hours.

Consequently fatigued employees are less able to focus on tasks and to deliver effective solutions. 

The overtime trend yet continues as the productivity and the quality of output reduce.

Productive vs. actual work hours, from a collection of four studies from J. Nevison


Figure A - Productivity when a person is under excessive overtime (burnout).
Figure B - Productivity after 4 weeks of overwork. 
Figures C & D - Productivity cases after 1 week of overtime. 
Dotted line - Productivity of a machine.

How Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence solutions can help you keep track of overtime across your company and identify recurring overtime patterns before it's too late. 

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