Loss of Focus harms Productivity.

Many employees are found using personal social media networks at the workplace and answering to personal communication. While workplace regulations forbid this behaviour there are often important implications that justifies it, such as reaching out to leads via LinkedIn or Twitter for example. 

Others employee would prefer to keep a busy agenda where numerous meetings accumulate throughout the day, making it almost impossible to perform productive tasks. 

These are common examples of the type of behaviour a company can expect when staff loses focus. 

There are different reasons for a loss of focus and while the easy solution would be to blame it on your staff only. The increase of focus-related issues across all companies highlights the need to search for the underlying cause elsewhere. 

1/3 of Britons claim to be bored at work for most of the day.

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence can help identify loss of focus patterns before and find the cause within your structure. 

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