Digital Intelligence to support Recruitment.

Digital Intelligence is the process of telling you what you could be doing better when it comes down to digital expertise and activities. It is only natural that we extend our Digital Intelligence services to helping you attract the best candidate for your digital roles.

Understanding Job Specs.

Producing accurate job descriptions is one of the many services that you will trust your favourite recruiting agent or HR manager with. It is about achieving a difficult balance that needs to combine a brief and engaging company description and a detailed but yet not too much list of job tasks and requirements.


Identify Job Perks.

Making the jobs attractive and understanding the benefits for the future employee require a thorough understanding of the company policies and HR regulations. Therefore it’s expected that this part of the recruitment process is left to the corporate HR manager to communicate directly to the recruiting agency or to the candidates.

Digital Intelligence and CV.

Before the interview phase comes the difficult step of reading CVs and understand the skills and experience of a candidate with the limited information available.

This is a task recruiting agents and HR manager excel at.


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