The Reality of Job Perks.

The perks of jobs are various but we feel that a common list of these would include : free or discounted Gym membership, free tea and coffee, free breakfast, fancy devices (who doesn’t want the latest MacBook ?!), company car in certain roles, insurance policies, etc. 

Job perks are important. But they need to be analyzed with your candidates in mind. Candidates, you see, are modern individuals with a solid experience of contemporary lifestyle. And as such they will consider your job perks with a critical eye. To name but a few in the latest roles on the market :

  • Free tea and coffee are expected in every offices. This is not a bonus of the job. It’s an expected facility.
  • While employees prefer to use the latest devices and updates to keep up with the evolution of the tools and technology they require, there’s no indication that working on the latest MacBook will attract more candidates than working on the latest Sony laptop. In truth people don’t care what brand you choose to provide them with as long as it works.
  • Company cars are expected in roles that require a lot of travelling. Again this is not a perk, it’s part of the normal requirements : if you want your staff to be constantly on the road, give them something that support them.
  • Friday morning fried up breakfast is becoming something of a habit in urban offices. Yet this is not a perk as employees do pay for the breakfast, it doesn’t actually come for free. As such Friday morning fried up could just as well be every day fried up assuming you like to order cheaply cooked breakfasts.
  • Pub lunches or pub afterwork meetings are again not a job perk. This is down to your location. It becomes a little questionable to mention the alcohol sold in an establishment not related to your company as a perk for your employees.


The list of fake perks is long. This is why it’s important to identify what makes your company unique and valuable to candidates. Digital Intelligence helps you understand the current gaps on the market and whether your business is able to address these effectively.

Candidates are modern, life-savvy individuals.
They don't get excited about free coffee. 

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence helps you understand the current needs of the market and whether your business is able to address these effectively.

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