Digital Intelligence to review Strategic methodology.

Digital Intelligence can help you change positively the structure of your business to improve performance and growth. The 4 following factors are commonly targeted with Digital Intelligence: Market-fit structure, Structural strategies, Staff survey, and Team Productivity.


Finding the Market Fit.

Companies are developed with a specific business hierarchy structure, whether this is a traditionally vertical or a moder modern horizontal structure. 

However this type of approach is entirely hierarchy focused.

There is a need for a market fit structure that can reflect the digital evolution of your industry sector.


Changing Structure.

Companies evolve and restructure themselves periodically. While it happens more often in certain business types than in others, self questioning in an attempt to build growth and stability is key to business longevity.


Understand your Staff.

Employees make your company a success or a failure. Naturally the importance of a good product or service is non negligeable. Yet satisfied and happy staff will always deliver the best of results.

Companies events, one-to-one meetings, and yearly staff surveys are often implemented to measure the satisfaction of your employees.



Optimize Team Productivity.

Hard working staff, happy to go the extra mile to complete projects, staying long hours at the office, etc. These are a few of the comments companies make about their employee productivity.

However there are part of the many misunderstandings of measuring productivity.

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