Digital Intelligence to review Strategic methodology.

Digital Intelligence identifies methodology gaps caused by misunderstanding of areas of expertise and incorrect digital metrics reading when designing a strategy. The 4 following issues in strategic methodology can be commonly identified and resolved with the application of Digital Intelligence: Review of Skills, Interconnectivity, Causal Model audit, and Incoherent Direction.


Missing the Skill Review.

At the start of every strategy lies a thorough and detailed analysis of a business data and its market situation. In the marketing field these steps are often referred to as Situation Analysis and PEST and SLEPT analysis.

When we look at IT strategies, the same steps take place but focus naturally on other elements of the business.

Unfortunately, while strategy plans are thoroughly designed on data evidence research, there is very little review made to identify the value of in-house skills and digital understanding.


Overlooking the Interconnectivity.

Strategies often are designed around the implementation of multiple activities across a period of time. It is naturally key for strategists to ensure that activities rely on each other’s completion and performance to create a success cycle.

The interconnectivity of things is a concept that yet remains overlooked in strategy design.

Causal Model and Strategy.

Data analysis and business reports are key to building and overview of your activities and defining your path to growth. Often the addition of benchmark knowledge data can support as well the building of a strategy.

While there is no strategy without data, there is no meaning to the data without a causal relationship.



The broken Compass of Strategy.

Strategies draw the direction for the business. They are inspiring and motivating at the same time. More often than not strategies are also challenging for the teams involved.

Sometimes though strategies point in the wrong direction like a broken compass.

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