The Interconnectivity of things.

The interconnectivity of things is a concept that yet remains overlooked in strategy design. While it remains obvious to most why network accessibility is tightly related to the effectiveness of secure online processes, interconnectivity of teams and skills can be ignored in strategic planning. 

A common example in marketing planning is to ignore the input of additional teams such as design and development teams that are often considered as an external provider. This naturally limits their effective and valuable input to a minimum. Additionally the fact that the team responsible for the final output has not been part of the strategy considerably impacts on the success of the project.

Another typical example of misunderstanding the interconnectivity of teams and people is seen in cases where the sale process happens before the production of the deliverable item, as often seen in the IT industry where systems of sold without the feedback of any digital expert.

The interconnectivity of things is a concept that yet remains overlooked.

Digital Intelligence helps.

Digital Intelligence and the identification of your expertise within the business helps you questioning and reviewing strategic assumptions to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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