Group of three successful business consultants in casual using laptop at meeting in office

More than a trend.

Geeks are digital experts who understand the technicality and the usability of the digital world. Their knowledge focuses on data analysis, digital strategy and digital user experience, whether they are sitting at the marketing or the programming desk. More than a TV show trends, geeks are at the centre of business development in 2016.



Digital experts are focused on their tasks and the application of their knowledge to serve users best. They understand exactly what it means to sit at the receiving end of digital functionality and campaigns. Consequently they don't waste time in unrealistic promises or old-fashioned client management methods. Geeks will not be taking your clients out for the night, they will not be recruiting new business opportunities either. But they will be driving your digital strategy where it needs to be for your users. They will be doing what they're best at: Digitalizing your company everyday a little more.  


New profile.

Geeks push the boundaries of development and marketing to answer the market demands. They bring highly specialist skills right into your business. These skills demand time and dedication to remain up to date and relevant, even more at their level. Consequently geeks don't have a plug-and-play profile that can be employed indifferently for all office tasks. Your geek is a qualified specialist who has not been hired to fill up standard office tasks as well as specialist tasks. Like an eye surgeon is a not a nurse, the same logic applies to the geek. Companies need to choose whether they need a data analyst or a marketing assistant, a strategic .net programmer or a sale assistant.