Digital is a platform that creates meaningful and useful experiences for your end users.

Its purpose: A helpful response to client's needs.


Little Blue Cats vision.

With the increase of interconnected devices and online services, Digital interactions present the first and main touchpoint between a organisation and its clients. As a result the need for digital clarification and digitalisation of communication is increasing across all industry sectors. 
Digital Intelligence connects the dots and reduces functional and communication gaps on the market.

We help match your digitalisation strategy with the moving needs of your end users. 

Digital Intelligence Communicators.

A company's communication is just as important as its offering. But the way users interact with communication has changed. They demand meaningful digital communications to build their trust in an organisation.
Therefore breaking down complex business communication into manageable and meaningful insights is a natural process for us. Digital Intelligence Communication is especially useful to build trust and understanding in a digital world where clients have become content creators too. 



Promotional Messaging
Interactive Media
Effective Direction
Effective Channel Engagement



International Languages
Channel Internationalisation
Effective Targeting
Meaningful Creation

Digital Intelligence à l'International.

Internationalisation is a key feature in the agenda of medium and large businesses. But this difficult process with a complex nature is often overlooked. There is more to going international than finding a decent translator for your website or having a member of staff that speaks the lingua. Different markets present different cultures and needs that have to be understood and addressed effectively by your digital presence.

Our Digital Intelligence for Internationalisation service connects the dots between the needs of your international clients and your communication and business structures. 

Digital Intelligence for Digital Service.

Digital transformation is at the core of modern lifestyle, enabling users to perform in a few clicks online the operations they use to do offline. These can be related to administrative operations, financial activities, education projects and much more. 
Yet over 60% of businesses that choose digital transformation with their offering as digital services fail to design online interactions to serve the needs and the understanding of their users. 
The experience is sometimes so difficult that the online service creates unforeseen additional expenses, like increasing your customer care team after a digital move that was supposed to reduced calls. 

Digital Intelligence provides a user-focused breakdown of Digital services and their inherent interactions to ensure that users receive the useful and successful experience they need. 



Process Usability
Format Effectiveness
Effective Content Ensemble